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Sipik NEW 700 Lumen Handheld Flashlight LED Cree XML T6 Water Resistant Camping Torch

With Adjustable Focus And Free Batteries

Sipik NEW 700 Lumen Handheld Flashlight LED Cree XML T6 Water Resistant Camping Torch Adjustable Focus Zoom Tactical Light Lamp for Outdoor Sports
NEW 700 Lumen Handheld Flashlight LED Cree XML T6 Water Resistant Camping Torch Adjustable Focus Zoom Tactical Light Lamp for Outdoor Sports

Outdoor/Camping Flashlights

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Sipik Cree Led Flashlight Review
Led Flashlight
  • Highly resistant to shock
  • Very bright cree led flashlight; produces a powerfult illumination of approximately 400% higher than an ordinary 9 LED torch, visible at up to 500 feet distance, and 140 lm brightness in direct light
  • Three Adjustable beam for super focusing; select focus between narrow, area and flood beams. Good to navigate a dark environment.
  • Low power consumption; requires 3 AAA Battery. Free Duracell batteries included to work.
  • Small and portable design; measuring¬†1.34 in x 4. 29 in, Good for travelling. Good as an outdoor gear.
My search for a truly excellent, affordable and easily handled flashlight ended when I received the Lighting Dynasty Cree LED flashlight. Most flashlights that have such a powerful beam are large, heavy and generally unwieldy to carry. This little gem is small, light, easily manageable and it has an adjustable beam to boot. I have used a nationally known brand of flashlights for many years and can honestly say that they cannot compare to the Lighting Dynasty Cree LED Flashlight.
Special Features
  • Three Flexible Adjustable beam ro improve focus
  • Super bright
  • Shock resistant
  • Handy and portable both in Size and weight
  • Less Power Consumption 3AAA Duracell batteries
Just a great little flashlight. The flashlight was even more compact than I was expecting. For perspective, it is about an inch shorter than your standard smartphone.
Aaron R
Pros and Cons
  • Resistant to shock and free fall
  • 3 Adjustable beam
  • Compact and portable
  • Perfect design
  • User manual absent
Overall Rating
Cree Led Torch Flashlight Review
The Cree Led Torch Light by lightning Dynasty is a fabulous flashlight. I am amazed at how bright the light is and impressed that it comes with duracell batteries. You can zoom in and out by pushing and pulling on the front of the flashlight. Watch the video below to see the light in a dark room. I highly recommend this flashlight. It's small and great for leaving in the car, or keeping close in case of a power outage.
Your Headline
Compact and portable
Super bright with 3 adjustable beam
Power Consumption
Less power consumption
Very cheap
I purchased 2 of these flashlights to add to our emergency kit expecting something that would just get us by. What I received was a super little flashlight that exceeded my expectations. I've tried to find similar flashlights in the retail stores but most were too large or too expensive for my intended use. This super bright adjustable beam LED flashlight has a strong,lightweight,well made metal case, 3 batteries and a nice carrying strap that should perform well under all types of conditions. The packaging was excellent as it not only came in its own box but included bubble wrap to protect it during shipment.
I would highly recommend this flashlight as the quality is far worth the price that you will pay.

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